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What Kind Of Mindset Is Required For Personal Growth: Fixed vs Growth Mindset

A lot of people are aware of the mindset they need to have to optimize their personal growth, but only a few of them practice that mindset on a daily basis.

It is so easy to be overwhelmed with these but the simple truth is that there are only two mindsets. And you are going to learn about them today.

They are,

  • The fixed mindset
  • The growth mindset

Main difference between a fixed and growth mindset

A fixed mindset assumes that our intelligence, character, and creative ability are static. Basically, believing that the qualities you are born with are set in stone. Accepting it can cause stagnation.

On the other hand, a growth mindset is based on the idea that your essential qualities are things you can cultivate through efforts. This believes that you can change or grow through experience and practice. This mindset leads to personal growth and success. (forbes).

The difference between these two mindsets plays a major role in our lives. Your success and results are dependent on which mindset you adopt (fixed or growth).

While the benefits of cultivating a growth mindset are clearly rewarding and desirable which we will see soon, it is important to be aware of the way you think. Your behavior is a subset of which mindset you have. Having a fixed mindset clearly shows your behavior: “it’s like the world is against you, you don’t seem to gain success in something because you don’t have the talent”. On the other side, having a growth mindset will create optimism and belief that if I put in my energy and efforts into this activity or building this skill, I will be successful and gain experience. I just need to learn how to do it.”

See the difference?

It is important not to fall into the rabbit hole of a fixed mindset because it is how society has thought us to think.

Why you need to develop a growth mindset?

The expert in mindset is Dr. Carol S. Dweck, a Stanford University psychologist. Dweck tells us that those with a fixed mindset firmly believe that intellect is static whilst those with a growth mindset strongly affirm that intellect evolves.

In Dweck’s book: ‘Mindset – Changing the way you think to fulfill your potential‘. She explains the differences between the lives of those with a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

Mindset is everything

Whether you are talking about school, work, career, parenting, building a business. The difference between success and failure is your mindset. Thankfully, Adopting a growth mindset will lead you to success.

Your mindset stems from your identity. The powerful beliefs that have been taught to you over the years. Understanding this, there is a way to position yourself for success which is by adopting the growth mindset for personal growth

have a positive growth mindset

Strategies to build a growth mindset

These 8 powerful strategies to shift to a growth mindset by are practical and can be applied to any area of your life

1. Create a new compelling belief

Your number one strategy is to create a new compelling belief. Believe in yourself. Say one positive message to that situation. Personally, I say this everyday “My energy and efforts are rewarded with growth, skills, and results”. This sets me up for success for that day.

2. View failure in a different light

Failure is not the end of the journey, it is a stepping stone to your success. The way you view failure is determined by your mindset. Adopting a growth mindset means learning from past failures and finding another way to reach success

3. Sky rocket your self-awareness

One purpose of this blog is to help you improve your focus and become intentional with your daily decisions.

Make effort to be more aware of your intentions and decisions. This helps you to know where you have been distracted and directs your focus to your essentials

P.S If you want guide to improving your focus and attention. Check this out


4. Become a curious learner

This is one of my major strengths. Begin to ask more questions in areas you already understand and the ones you don’t

You get to gain knowledge and learn new things. You begin to see things in new perspectives. Your growth mindset begins to grow even more. You can do this by reading books, listening to podcasts or more

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5. Challenges are your new best friend

No matter who or where you are in life, we all face challenges and adversities.

Now you have two options

You could either give up and complain about how the world is a difficult place and how things did not go as you expected

Or you could see the challenge as your new best friend and learn from it to develop and grow. This second option builds a growth mindset

The choice is yours.

6. Love takes you to the top

Those that have a mindset for personal growth always rise to the top. They tend to achieve more.


Because they love what they do. They find the joy in what they do and are successful.

Even though some of them might not like where they are now, they position themselves away from what they don’t want and towards what they want

And so should you.

7. Be tenacious

Tenacity is the quality of being very determined and persistent. That’s is the definition of a successful person. One with the mindset of personal growth.

Don’t give up easily. Work towards gaining mastery in whatever you are doing, knowing it won’t be easy but sticking it till the end.

8. Be inspired by others

We all have people we look up to in life. It is essential to be inspired by them and learn from them

This decreases our learning curve because we have someone who has walked along the path we are walking right now to look up to.

What is a Growth Mindset?

From Visually.

3 Daily Habits To Maintain a Positive Growth Mindset

1. Gratitude

To maintain a positive growth mindset, gratitude is essential. Being grateful for your life and many other things puts you in a positive mood and sets you up to accomplish the day.

You could do this while journaling, or having your morning tea.

2. Reading Daily

I encourage reading a lot, no matter how little it is. Read one or two pages of a book. Read an article or a blog post, read something every day.

This opens you to new ideas throughout the day. Reading optimizes your daily improvement.

3. Listen to positive materials

Listening to podcast or audios that strengthens your positive growth mindset will set you on track and prevent slipping into a fixed mindset

What's Next?

If you’re still with me after reading this blog post, thanks for sticking with it! I hope you will find that the time invested in reading this piece was worth the information you gained from it.

The one takeaway from this piece that I really hope sticks with you is this: A growth mindset is a powerful tool that will position you towards success. Be aware of the way you think and act as much as you can. Catching those negative thoughts and thinking positive thoughts. It can result in a lot of benefits for you and those around you.

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