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Easy habits to practice for yourself to make 2021 your best year

Wouldn’t it be nice to kickstart 2021 by practicing the right habits to impact us positively in our focus, productivity, organization and general self improvement.

I know what you’re thinking.

After a year filled with uncertainty and self indulging in our comfort thereby adopting bad habits and generally going with the flow, it is demanding to get on course with our healthy habits and routines.

Some of us don’t even know what habits to practice to kickstart 2021. Well, that’s where I come in.

Today I’m going to give your easy and healthy habits to practice for yourself that will make 2021 your best year.

Let go of the past

Face it or not. The past has gone and is behind us. But for some reasons, many people hold on to it – to the things that didn’t work for them, to the disappointments and failures of the past.

Take this as a piece of advice – without letting go of the past, you cannot move forward efficiently. Your mind will be telling you “What if this year is exactly like last year?”. Be positive in your thinking, especially towards your future. Check out this post 4 things holding you back from achieving your goals

Now, how do I let go of the past?

  • Create a positive mantra to repeat whenever negative thoughts arise – A positive mantra is a positive statement you keep repeating whenever your mind comes up with negative situations or thoughts. For example – I always say “I will always remain in a beautiful state no matter what happens in my day”. This positive mantra keeps off every negative thought that may arise during the day that wants to tell me how bad my day is. Create your own positive mantra today

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  • Create goals that inspire you to achieve them – A goal is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people envision, plan, and commit to achieve. Set goals that inspire you in 2021 to move forward. This is important because if shifts your focus from the past to the future. Your mind, thoughts and actions are directed towards your passionate goals. It could be to make more friends, be happier, or spend time with my family. Whatever it is make sure it is important to you
  • Focus on what you can control – Trying to control everything in your life is a result of feeling anxious. For many of us, life is moving so fast that we can’t control a lot of things, things just pass us by. If you focus on those things, you will keep living in the past and will not grow. Focus on the things you can control like your daily routine, your morning coffee, the family and friends you have, the fact that you have a whole year in front of you. Make it count.

Feed your mind with the right information

With all the information in the world at our fingertips, it is easy for us to be overwhelmed with what to feed our minds with. Getting into the habits of feeding your mind intentionally with the information that supports your goals, grows and develops you as a person, or generally makes you happier will put you on track in making 2021 your best year.

Personally, I love quotes. Here’s one that inspires me on a daily basis

The best way to predict the future is to create it
- Peter Drucker

This tells me that nobody is going to create the life I want. I have to take that decision to create the life I want. So should you.

Feed your mind with positive information, not the negative things you hear on the news. Read blog posts that develops your focus and self mastery. Watch videos that teaches you something you don’t know. Listen to podcasts that deliver massive value to you as a person.

Make exercise a habit

Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.

There are a variety of benefits of practicing the habit of exercise. Some of us are probably not in the best shape and we know we can do better.

I’ve been implementing exercise in my personal life. You don’t have to go to the gym and do 20 push ups. You can start with yoga or a simple 10 minute home workout.

There’s a simple way to apply this strategy to your habits and stick with it. Fill out this sentence: I will [EXERCISE] at [TIME] in [LOCATION]. This is called an implementation intention. It’s a concept I learned from Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Making exercise a habit is optimizes your health for 2021. Which might just be the best year ever.

Drink more water every day

drink more water

It is nothing new about the importance of drinking a lot of water everyday. As human beings we need water to function properly, to be optimally healthy. But for so many of us, we find it difficult to create a habit of drinking the right amount of water everyday.

Here are 5 simple ways to drink more water

  • Understand your body
  • Set daily goals – how many bottles will you drink each day
  • Keep a water bottle beside you
  • Drink a glass of water when you wake up
  • Eat foods with a lot of fluids like fruits,

Practice Mindful Meditation

Mindfulness as defined by verywellmind is a mental state that involves being fully focused on “the now” so you can acknowledge and accept your thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judgement. While Mindful Meditation is a mental training practice that teaches you to slow down racing thoughts, let go of negativity, and calm both your mind and body.

When you are meditating, your thoughts are gonna be popping up in your head distracting you from your meditation, but it’s part of it. When those thoughts arise, just make sure you are aware of them, then guide your attention towards your breath.

The purpose of meditation is to relax your mind, body, and reduce stress. Mindfulness is a step higher. This is being intentionally aware of your thoughts.

How to practice mindful meditation

  • Set aside a particular time to meditate – Whether it is during your office break or just before you go to bed. Set a time on your calendar that works for you. Make sure you are not going to be distracted during that period of time.
  • Get into a comfortable space – If you feel the floor is hard for you to meditate on. Then consider a mat or your couch at home. Find someplace that works for you.
  • Focus on your breath – Your breath should be the center of your attention while meditating. It allows you to be mindful, so you’re not drowning in mindless thoughts. Slow down, Inhale and Exhale. Remember to get into a comfortable position, but not too comfortable
  • Relax and Meditate – It is so easy to be caught up in the different methods and positions when meditating, Just remember the purpose it to relax and feel awesome.

Create a Healthy Routine

Creating healthy routines has made my life more productive and a little bit structured. You know that this blog is all about making small changes in your life that will improve you optimally, and this tip is no exception.

A lot of people complain that a routine wouldn’t work for them, or that their day is unpredictable, or they are not a morning person. Wait Hold Up!!! None of these claims are reasons not to have a bit of planning on your day.

Successful people know the importance of having a healthy routine. They preach it a lot. No matter how small or unorganized it is. Even having 3 main intentions for your day is part of a healthy routine.

For example – Once I get up from bed, I organize my bed while being grateful to see another day. Then I exercise, shower, journal. Journaling is a very important part of my routine; I set my intentions for the day, and write one thing that will make this day a great day.

Yours might be different. Let me give you some quick things to consider adding to your routine

  • Plan your day the night before
  • Have some form of physical activity during the day
  • Drink water
  • Meditate
  • Practice Gratitude and Intention
  • Exercise your mind
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Write about what you accomplished during the day
  • Detach from your devices about an hour before bed
  • Do your most important task first

Smiling is a Good Therapy

Smiling and laughing boosts well being. It makes you a generally happier person. It boosts your confidence and makes others like you more.

Smile often. It is a good therapy and it has a positive effect on your brain. Engage in fun activities, watch the shows or movies you love. For you to make 2021 your best year ever, you need to have some kind of fun. Remember not to go overboard. Be productive and do what you have to do.

Start your day with a Healthy Breakfast

I’ve talked about creating a healthy routine. But a healthy breakfast is essential for top performance and will increase your current energy level for the day. We all want to kickstart 2021 by practicing the right habits, and starting your day with a healthy breakfast is one of them.

As you go along your activities for the day, your body uses energy. When you skip breakfast or eat an unhealthy breakfast, your body tries to conserve as much energy as possible which affects everything you have to do that day. Make sure you whip up some healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast is a part of a healthy routine.

Maintain positive relationships with others

This is a whole topic on it’s own and there are different smaller habits that could go under here – such as; becoming a great listener, being genuine, confidence, honesty, trust, remembering the things that are important to others, caring for others, and so on.

The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people
- Theodore Roosevelt

Thanks for making it to the end. Leave a comment on your goals for 2021. Make sure your share this post to help them kickstart 2021 by practicing the right habits. 

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