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How To Live In The Moment: 4 Simple Mindfulness Tips

Have you ever stared at someone, looking right at that person but not necessarily seeing the person. You are lost in your mind, thinking about something that had happened maybe earlier that week, or day. Or maybe you are thinking about the food you are going to eat for dinner.

It really feels that your mind is not in the present moment. You are not there, but not actually there if you know what I mean. Thinking about all the necessary things you need for that upcoming project, calculating every possible solution. Then you reach the point where you almost arrived at the answer…

… then you realize it was all in your mind. Ever been there. I’ve also been there. Your mind is wandering, you are not living in the moment, you are not present. Without being focused on the moment time flies, not only that you are not giving you 100% attention at that moment.

So today, I’m going to help you with that. I’m going to share how to live and actually enjoy each moment you are living in. I’ll also share my personal mindfulness techniques that I practice to stay grounded. So let’s get into it.

What Does Living In The Moment Really Mean?

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Alfred James from pocket mindfulness has a great way of explaining what living in the moment actually means. He wrote;

“The easiest way to explain living in the present is to start by explaining what it means to not be present, since this is the state we have become habitually used to.

When you aren’t being present you become a victim of time. Your mind is pulled into the past or the future, or both.

Your thoughts are of the past: what has been, what could have been, what you thought happened vs. what actually did happen. Or, your thoughts are of the future: what will be, what could be, what might be, if…

Of course, it’s natural to spend moments of thought in the past or in daydreams of the future. Identifying impending dangers through associations with things that have happened in the past is important for self-preservation.

But when our lives become dictated by thoughts and emotions attached to past events and potential future outcomes, standing peacefully rooted in the present becomes increasingly rare.”

Benefits Of Living In The Moment

Being present and living in the moment, means your mind is fixated on the now. This is the basis for self-awareness. You are calm, not moved by the past or future, not overthinking, or focusing on the wrong things. This brings a more fulfilled and enjoyed life, living each moment at that moment. This quotes put’s it best;

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We generally become happier humans and are more open to change. It reduces stress, pain, worry, sickness, and frustration. We essentially find value in the basic things of life. Knowing this, we also need to be aware of some obstacles that may prevent us from living and enjoying life to the fullest.

Obstacles Preventing You From Living In The Moment

1. Fear of past or future events

We all face fears as humans, but it is our relationships to those fears that make us stronger or weaker. Our fear of the past or future events essentially takes our attention from the now, and moment. We are fixated on what happened to us in the past, or what we are going to do in the future.

2. Focusing on problems rather than solutions

Sometimes it seems we are wired to think and focus on our problem weigh more than the solution to that problem. When we are aware of that, we can now make conscious decisions to focus on the solutions. Worrying about a problem will not solve the problem. That’s a fact.

3. Focusing on things out of your control

This is very common, and something I found myself doing. I created this blog to help you focus on what matters to you, and also on what you can control because if you can’t control it, you can’t do anything about it.

Taking the step back to see where your time and energy are spent will help you avoid those thoughts that don’t allow you to live in the present.

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4 Tips To Start Living In The Present Moment

Now that we have seen those things that prevent us from living in the moment, we can now discuss the intentional actions we can take to allow us to enjoy this thing called life.

1. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. It is already part of our nature, but due to the nature of our environment today that constantly distracts us, we have to learn mindfulness and how to access it

To fully enjoy the present moment, we must cultivate the mindfulness technique. There are some mindful techniques I’ve incorporated into my daily routine to help me achieve a sense of clarity during the day

  • Long deep breathes – it helps me pause and slow down
  • Journaling – I dump thoughts in my brain to reduce clutter, and it also allows me to write about the things I appreciate, my goals, and random things
  • Meditation – I do a 10-minute session to pull me down to earth and clear my mind of anxiety and worry
  • Typing – I use it to allow my mind to refocus when it feels slow, and I also get to improve my typing speed

2. Let go of the fear of uncertainties

 There are so many things in life we can’t control. Thinking about these and worrying about them only leads to fear and decision paralysis. You are not in the right frame of mind, and you end up making the wrong decisions

This is what I do when I’m faced with fear and uncertainties: I take a step back, take a deep breath, and think about what I can do to make the situation better. I think about the things I can control, then I take action. And remember you will always come across times when you are afraid of uncertainties.

3. Stop unnecessary overthinking

This was my problem for a long time, then I became aware of it and am working on it. Constantly thinking about every single thing to the detail. Sometimes, the past, or future but never the present. I just stand there looking forward but I actually can’t see anything because my mind isn’t there.

Here’s a tip for you: Take control of what you feed your mind. The reason you think the way you think is because of the information you hear, see, listen to, taste and feel.

How To Enjoy Living In The Moment

1. Fully appreciate what you have at the moment

A research conducted by positive psychology shows gratitude is strongly and constantly associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships

2. Focus on what you can control, not what you can't

 As I mentioned earlier in this post, if you focus on what you can’t control, you will waste the limited energy you have and not make progress. Instead, if you focus on what you can control and make effort to take action on what you can control, you will move forward and see progress

3. Find your flow: make the most of your time by losing it

The truth is that to enjoy living in the moment, you have to do what you enjoy. Do the things you love and lose track of time. Fully immerse yourself in that activity that brings you joy, it could be spending time with family, a particular sport or game, a job or work, a fun outdoor activity. Make sure it serves you so much.

What does living in the moment look like to you?

I hope this post gave you a birds-eye view on how to enjoy each moment of your life, the obstacles that may prevent us from living in the moment, how to find joy in daily activities, and my own mindfulness techniques 🙂

Leave a comment on your thoughts. Do you struggle with distractions in your mind? What helps you clear your mind.

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