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6 Daily Routine Examples For a Strong Healthy Mind and Body

That feeling of having a nice, healthy routine that you can stick to to build a strong, healthy body and mind amazes me.

So great you are here today to share that joy with me and learn how you too can also adopt some if not all of these habits to maintain or skyrocket the energy of your body and mind.

I’ve decided to pull a list of 6 daily routine examples – I hope they inspire you and make sure to take action on them.

Wake Up Early

The very first step to your routine is to wake up early. It doesn’t matter if you are a morning or a night person, waking up early is essential for a strong and healthy mind and body.

It gives you an advantage of time all other people don’t have. At that time most people are still sleeping in bed while you are up and ready to take on the day.

Congratulations. That is your first win of the day.

Building the habit of waking up early is not automatic, and might take a few days to get used to. But there are some essential things that are worth looking at to make your new habit easier and less stressful.

  • Make sure you sleep at the same time, and wake up at the same time everyday
  • Ensure you have at least 8 hours of sleep to prevent tiredness and sluggishness in the mornings
  • Limit screen time at least 30 minutes before bed.

If you follow these 3 essential steps every day, waking up early will get easier and easier until it becomes a habit.

Now you might say, “Why should I wake up early?” “What am I doing at 6:00am?”

Great questions?

Let’s look at some benefits of waking up early

A study by the Universities of Birmingham and Surrey in the UK, and Monash University in Australia, showed that waking up earlier highlighted an increase in cognitive (reaction time) and physical performance in the morning when tiredness is often in ‘night owls’. It also leads to better mental wellbeing, with participants reporting a decrease in the feeling of stress and depression.

There were 22 healthy individuals who participated in the study for three weeks. Participants were asked to:

  • Wake up 2-3 hours before the regular wake-up time and maximize outdoor light during the mornings.
  • Go to bed 2-3 hours before habitual bedtime and limit light exposure in the evening.
  • Keep sleep/wake times fixed on both work days and free days.
  • Have breakfast as soon as possible after waking up, eat lunch at the same time each day, and refrain from eating dinner after 7 pm.

The results are there. And I don’t think they did anything extraordinary or unusual. For a strong healthy body and mind, you need to wake up early.

It gives you more time to exercise

Better concentration

Starting your day early improves your conversation. In addition, you can focus on your goals and intentions without being distracted or interrupted by family members.

It improves the quality of your sleep

You can set a specific time to sleep and have at least 8 hours of sleep, which improves your quality of sleep and energizes you for the day

You get to enjoy your quiet time.

Sometimes, all you want is just some time alone to think, meditate, read, or more. You just want to be away from the noise. The morning is the best time for that.

Drink a lot of Water

drinking water in the morning

Have you heard that the body is about 60% water?

Yes it’s true.

You have also heard that because of this, we need to drink a lot of water during the day

I guess so

But why do most people avoid or forget drinking enough water for their bodies to stay healthy?

Here are some tips to encourage the habit of drinking water

  • Get a water bottle and always keep it by your side
  • Drink water first thing in the morning
  • Drink water after every meal
  • Do not leave the house without a fully filled water bottle

I can’t overemphasize the importance of enough drinking water during the day. It creates a healthy body and mind. We all let out water during the day, and we need to replenish them unless our brain will start feeling foggy and our body would not function properly.


Want to feel better and have more energy? this one is for you.

Several studies show that having at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day, will have a significant increase in your energy level throughout the day. Doing any physical activity is better than doing none, so if you are not doing any form of physical activity, start small, and build up from there.

The purpose is not for weight loss or muscle building, it is to improve your state of mind, maintain a strong and healthy mind and body, and have more energy for the day.

If you can’t create at least 30 minutes a day for daily exercise, try and input some physical activities throughout your day. For example, you could choose to take the stairs and not the elevator, or getting some walking steps at the grocery store, or stretching after about 45 minutes of working at your desk. Anything you can do to move your body around.

I also recommend yoga. I’ve been doing it for a couple of days now, and it has helped my body, soul, mind, and spirit. I feel calm and centered. And my day feels more intentional. Give it a try.

Set your Intentions for the day

I recommend you do this the night before. This gives clarity and intention to exactly what you are going to do the next day and avoids wasting time on planning and thinking.

Create about 5-10 minutes of planning time before you sleep and write down at most 3 things you want to accomplish the next day.

This process is just a little part of journaling, which is a great way to maintain clarity and focus on yourself and what you do. It’s a healthy mental exercise and should be added to your daily routine.

Visualize the next day and the exact things you want to accomplish. Also, think about problems that might arise while you are working on your goals. Don’t forget to write them down.

Tomorrow morning, you’ll check what you wrote down and work towards it. Setting intentions is a very important daily routine for success.

Revisit your goals

Your goals are like checkpoints you’ve set for yourself that guide you in the direction you want to move towards in life. Sometimes all it takes is to revisit your goals. Both the ones you’ve accomplished and the ones you want to accomplish in the future.

Whether it is daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly, whichever works for you. Having to look at what you want to accomplish gives you clarity on what exactly you need to do. On the other hand, looking at your accomplishments in the past encourages you and highlights your successes in the past. You can also see the mistakes you have made in the past and how you overcome them. You can learn from them and prevent repeating them.

The things that also worked can be reused in future goals. This activity is great for building a growth mindset.

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Eat at least one healthy Meal a day

I say one healthy meal a day because most people don’t have the time to cook healthy meals all day. Sometimes we cannot control what we have to eat because of time and resources, but controlling one meal of the day is very possible.

It could be your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Find the time and make that healthy meal. It goes a long way in providing your body with all the essential nutrients it needs to function.

When I started doing this, it felt overwhelming to cook one healthy meal for breakfast each day, but I learned that I could choose a particular meal I love that serves all the nutritional benefits of my body and prepare that meal every day, cutting out the time wasted on thinking.

And it has made my body feel a lot better.

Now your turn.

Find a meal that you love and satisfies all the nutritional needs of your body, and keep preparing that same meal every day for efficiency. You could choose two meals that you can be alternating. It’s up to you.

Last Thoughts on Daily Routine Examples

I hope these daily routine examples helped you as much as they helped me! Whether you are reading them just for fun or want to adopt them into your routine – both are well served

Do you have a habit that you think will be perfect for this post? That will contribute to a healthy body and mind? Tell me what it is in the comment below!

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