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7 Things To Do Instead Of Comparing Yourself To Others

Why We Compare Ourselves To Others

We all subconsciously compare ourselves to others. As humans, we often do this to measure or evaluate ourselves even though we know it is not healthy, productive, right. Doing this with the wrong mindset may lead to jealousy, anger, frustration, on both ourselves and others.

In this world we live in, we are constantly seeing a “perfect” version of ourselves in ads, tv, social media, blogs, and magazines. Our mind begins to form questions, opinions, on what we see or hear which sparks our deep fears, desire, insecurities, worries, intentions, and beliefs.

I was listening to a podcast the other day, and I discovered was that when people are faced with a situation, they tend to look outside for a solution first rather than looking inward. This is a major problem today. You need to stop comparing yourself to others. You’ll learn the mindset shift to make comparison healthier.

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

How can we make a comparison healthy? How can we benefit from seeing someone or something we want to have or be and not feeling insecurities in ourselves?

It all starts with changing your mindsets about comparing yourself to others that you’ve been thought. I call this the Comparison Mindset Shift

Having these shifts in mindset with turn the negative effects of comparison to positive. This will help you grow and be a better person in life. 

  • From insecurities to learning and growing from¬† others
  • From worries to being confident in yourself
  • From desire to having mental clarity for your own path
  • From fear to taking action towards your goals

Things To Do Instead Of Comparing Yourself To Others

Be grateful

There’s a common misconception that gratitude is from our heads. When we say we are grateful, we have expressed gratitude. But on a deeper level, gratitude takes place in our hearts and senses. It’s living in the moment and being truly grateful for what you can remember in your heart.

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So how do gratitude and comparing yourself to others relate? When you are grateful, you are intentionally choosing to focus your time and attention on the things you appreciate. Letting go of all negativity and feeling your body with positivity. Instead of comparing yourself to others and complaining of why someone is better than you, be appreciative of the things and people you have in your life right now.

Practicing gratitude, especially every day opens your heart and body to the little daily experiences when you reflect on them. There are so many things to be grateful for in your life.

Work towards your goals

work towards your goals quote

To stop comparing yourself to others you need a goal, a direction to what you want in life. When you start focusing too much on others and start comparing them to you, it’s either you are distracted, or you don’t have a goal you want to achieve.

Now if you are distracted, maybe you are not seeing progress or results yet so you are just admiring other’s results or progress. My tips for you are, set daily goals that are not overwhelming, focus on the input, not the outcome. Focus on the things you can control, and have clarity on what exactly you want and go for it.

If you don’t have a goal or a direction, you need to set goals. Goals are important, they are something to work towards, the reason you wake up every morning. So having no goals means you have no drive in life. Set goals and create daily action steps to accomplish them. One of my goals for this year is to publish one blog post every week. I can definitely control that input, rather than saying I want to earn a certain amount of money in which I can’t fully control.


Self-care is what you intentionally do for mental, physical, psychological, and emotional well-being. It’s so simple that we forget to make time and do them. Doing this maintains a healthy relationship with yourself and keeps your focus on yourself. You are growing and developing yourself with is the opposite of comparing yourself to others

Develop yourself

There is a common saying, if you’re not growing, you are dying. This emphasizes the intentional actions you should take to develop yourself. When you develop yourself, you get results, you create the life you want. But if you don’t then you’ll be distracted by others’ success and start comparing yourself to others. For me, growth equals happiness, so in order for me to be happy, I have to grow each day.

Realize we are all different

Everyone goes through a different path in life. We all have different goals and who we want to be in the future is different from the person sitting next to us. A growth mindset will not allow someone else’s life to cause them to complain about their own life. Instead, they would learn one or two things to help them to grow and become a better person.

stop comparing and practice self-care

Watch what you feed your mind

What you feed your mind essentially determines how you think and how you respond to others. If you are always comparing yourself to others and hitting yourself for not being where you want yourself to be, you are negatively affecting yourself.

Most people what to grow, succeed, and make more money but they don’t feed their minds with the information that supports their goals. Make a list of exactly what you feed your mind, from social media to the news, to your friends, to the music you listen to, and check if they having a positive impact on you

Compare yourself to your previous self

Our mind tends to compare ourselves with someone on a higher level than we are. And it’s normal. But the way you interpret that comparison is the difference between the successful and unsuccessful. What you should do is turn comparison into inspiration. Learn from the person, figure out what the person knows and you don’t. Study the person to be able to model those things in your life.

The second key point here if you want to compare yourself with someone, compare yourself with your previous self. This opens a lot of things, It shows us whether we are growing every day, getting better, or getting worse. Ask yourself questions like, How can I be better than I was yesterday? What mistakes did I make this past week, and how can I learn from them? What can I do to improve the skills? You are the only person you can compare yourself with.

What could you achieve if you stop comparing yourself to others?

I hope this post has encouraged and given you actionable steps for what you can do instead of comparing yourself with others. Think of how you can practice these tips and move forward in your life, focusing on yourself, and learning from others.

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